Dr Joe DEUBLE / General and Visceral Surgeon - President of AIMES-AFRIQUE GERMANY

General and visceral surgeon of Germany. Head of the department for general and visceral surgery in Trostberg Clinic and Director of the clinic.
In 2015 he was a member of the Mission Medico-chirurgical in the clinics of Sotouboua, Sokode and Tchamba in Togo.
The six surgical teams and the Ophthalmologist did about 1100 operations in 10 days.
Deeply impressed by the Engagement of Aimes Afrique, the professionality and the necessity of the medical treatment for the rural population, we founded in 2016 Aimes Afrique Allemagne.
The surgical team joined the missions medico – chirurgical in 2017 in Notse and 2018 in Dapaong and Mango.
The orthopaedic team started with the hip-replacements in 2017 in the Clinique International Kodom in Lome. The next two teams followed in 2019. We showed, that it is also possible to do hip-replacement surgery humanitarian service.